Alternative Medicine - A Mind-blowing Magical Mystery Tour

Read my article on the true history of vaccination, An Injection of Common Sense. For a short video revealing the true heart of the vaccine industry click here.

An extraordinary account of today’s ¬£multi-billion alternative health industry and accompanying ‘new age’ philosophy. You’ll be goggle-eyed at what’s going on behind the scenes. But conventional medicine too has all manner of questionable tests and treatments. Just who can we trust with our health? At last, a book that guides us expertly through secret big pharma and an even bigger new age spiritual jungle, and with hope on the other side!

In this book, you will discover:

  • the evidence that disarms every popular argument for the continued use of the major ‘alternative’ therapies
  • how conventional medicine suffers the same intellectual dilemmas as alternative health and how its sales and advertising tactics and many of its testing procedures and drug regimens are highly questionable
  • the extraordinary histories of Samuel Hahnemann and homoeopathy and Edward Bach and his flower remedies, the occult influences in their lives and the extreme methods they used to formulate their world-famous therapies
  • the quirky nature of holistic ‘science’ and the historic documents that show how today’s leading therapies are rooted in the ritual and ‘magik’ as practiced by alchemists for millennia
  • the corrosive nature of new age ‘inner healing’ teachings that promise heaven on earth but deliver nothing
  • how looking after ourselves isn’t nearly as complicated or expensive as the experts might tell us and how simple nutrition, regular exercise and common sense are the best medicines in the cabinet
  • a positive way forward and a glorious escape from the 21st century healthcare jungle!

By the time you’ve finished this book, you won’t look at medicine and especially alternative medicine in the same way ever again. But you will be much better informed and much healthier as a result. And there’s nothing more precious than our health!